Four Ways to Increase Your Likelihood of Being Hired


Today’s competitive job market has left applicants wondering what they can do to stand out in a pool of candidates. Below are some extra steps you can take on your job hunt to increase your chances of landing a position.

1. Utilize Online Resources.

Even if you prefer the old pencil-and-paper type of job search, there’s no denying that a majority of job applications can be found and filled out on the Internet. Establishing an online presence allows employers easily find and contact you. Set up accounts on hiring sites such as to search and apply for jobs in your area. Also set up social media accounts (especially a LinkedIn profile) where you can list past work experience and references. This helps establish your credibility and can help garner interest from employers looking to hire. You should also set up an account on a free pre-employment testing site. These sites can help you demonstrate your hard skills and qualifications to a company. Employers can issue free pre-employment tests in virtually any subject (popular areas include math, law, grammar, and coding) and ask the candidates who perform the strongest on such tests to come in and interview. The test library at TestUP contains an extensive collection of free pre-employment tests that employers will often ask candidates to complete.

2. Maintain a Professional Presence Online.

Remember - if you’re online looking at companies, companies are online looking at you. Ensure that everything you post on the web - even on social media profiles you think are hidden from the public- is professional and appropriate. It’s often quite easy for someone to gain access to a profile of yours even if you’ve marked it as private.

3. Do Your Research.

Demonstrate your passion about a company by looking at what work they have done in the past. Offer new ideas for future projects to your interviewer or some comments on past projects - this helps demonstrate that you are clearly serious about working at their company and already have something you can bring to the table.

4. Follow up after the interview.

You should always thank whomever took the time to interview you for a position. If you believe the interview went well, send the interviewer a thank you note that expresses your interest in the job one final time. On the other hand, if you don’t think you fit well within the company, send the interviewer a note thanking him for taking time out to interview you and for the opportunity. Both notes will establish a good relationship with the company and may be beneficial to you in the future.

The competitive job market is growing every day. More and more candidates are wondering how they can differentiate themselves from others applying for the same position. Taking that extra step to demonstrate your passion for the job may be just what you need to set yourself apart.