Renting in Boston: What Are Your Best Options?


Boston is an exciting metropolis, ideal for students in need of exceptional higher education and individuals wanting to advance their careers. If you’re looking to rent a place in the hub of New England, check out this article to find out what your best options are.

Looking for an apartment in and around Boston can become overwhelming. There’s a housing shortage plaguing the city, rents are high, and realtors have a tendency to rush you into a unit without giving you the chance to negotiate the price first.
The city, although expensive, is a great choice for students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs alike. Boasting a number of global businesses, top-notch hospitals, and some of the best universities in the world, Boston has something to offer for everyone. We’ve gathered a few tips that will come in handy if you’re looking to rent an apartment in The Hub.



Boston prides itself in its offering of prestigious schools, so thousands of students come to the capital city of Massachusetts every year. If you’re looking to become one of them, you’ll need suitable housing. Dorms may be your first choice, especially if you have a tight budget, but don’t rule out renting an off-campus apartment just yet. The perks are obvious – more privacy, less distractions, plenty of quiet time. If you find a couple of trustworthy roommates, you have a good chance of stumbling upon a place you can afford.

Start your search for the perfect apartment in South Boston, Jamaica Plain, Quincy, and East Boston – you can rent a studio there with $800-$1,000 per month. Other neighborhoods worth considering are Brookline, North End, Charlestown, Somerville, and Allston/Brighton ($1,000 – $1,400 per month). Allston is an extremely popular neighborhood among students living off-campus, so there’s a good chance you’ll feel right at home there.



This year, Boston was ranked Parenting Magazine’s number one city for families. Its good schools, low unemployment rate, and numerous cultural opportunities for the entire family make it an amazing metropolis for your children to grow up in. If you’re looking to rent an apartment in a kid-friendly neighborhood, you can’t go wrong with South Boston. There’s a strong sense of community there, and children love Castle Island, a great place for them to enjoy nature and learn more about history.

Other neighborhoods recommended for families are East Boston and Cambridge, with their suburban atmospheres, and West Roxbury, one of the city’s up-and-coming areas. Looking for a more dynamic atmosphere? Jamaica Plain is well-known for the ethnic diversity of its inhabitants. Spoiler alert: you’ll love Jamaica Pond – an ideal spot for long walks, bike rides, and picnics.


Young Professionals

Boston was named one of the ten happiest cities in the U.S. for young professionals. If you’re looking to advance your career, you’ll likely feel at home in the capital city of Massachusetts. Since having a cozy apartment to relax in after a crazy day at work is important, consider renting a place in Spring Hill. The neighborhood is relatively close to major Boston locations like Davis Square and Cambridge and has a plethora of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants to meet up with friends and unwind. The median rent here is $1,163. Other relatively affordable neighborhoods include Brookline and Hyde Park (average rent around $1600).

Another option for young professionals living in Boston are the so-called micro-apartments. If you don’t need too much space at the end of the day, micro-units can be a good fit. Be careful though, since rents are generally pretty high for so little space.


Business Executives

If you can afford to spend more on rent, you should definitely consider renting an apartment in one of Boston’s luxury properties. The amenities alone are extremely appealing – clubs, fitness centers, pet grooming salons, all only a few feet away from your place. Deluxe amenities vary depending on building and neighborhood. For instance, 1330Boylston in Fenway offers residents access to a rooftop deck saltwater pool and lounge. Chinatown is another popular area for high-end living, along with the Back Bay, Midtown, and Beacon Hill.

If you are looking to rent a luxury apartment, take full advantage of the amenities the building offers. What should you look for? A top-notch security system, covered parking, and some outdoor space. Having a doorman to greet you in the morning and a pet spa nearby may sound appealing, but make sure the basics are covered first.

Boston is a vibrant city with a rich cultural life. It has a strong economy, as well as a low crime rate. There’s no shortage of institutions for higher learning in Boston, and jumpstarting your career in The Hub is a great choice. Consider the tips above and your transition to the capital city of Massachusetts will be much smoother.